What YOU need in your hospital bag.

Hi mama! Getting ready to have a baby? Know someone who is? This list is everything I actually packed for myself during the hospital. First off, post-baby is pretty horrific. Not going to sugar coat it. Luca was 9 pounds 3 ounces. Yikes. I thought I was going to die, and pretty sure my vagina did die that day.

***TMI- Luca got stuck in the birth canal, and had to be suctioned out. Very scary for a few minutes, but my doctor was amazing and got him out. I ended up with a whopping 26 stitches. I am hurting just typing that. I was in so much pain afterwards. I lost a ton of blood so they kept me on a catheter and in the bed for 24 hours after. My mom came the next morning and gave me a shower… You feel like a baby giraffe trying to walk and your legs give out at any given time. After my shower I looked ay my naked body in the mirror and was mortified. I looked like I had balls. Yes, I said balls. Everything down there was so swollen and looked like a crime scene. I cried and cried, and then got a mirror and looked and cried even more.

No one tells you about what your body goes through after pushing the baby out. You would think the labor is the worst part but I personally found postpartum so much more difficult.

*** TMI PART TWO- 4 days after getting home from the hospital I was so weak, and bleeding heavily. I thought my pain was normal but turns out there was a large piece of my placenta left in… I had to go to my OB’s office, have all my stitches removed.. have the rest of the placenta removed and then stitched back up with a local numbing cream. Talk about pain.

Now that Ive scared all of you to death and shared more than what you probably wanted to read I have listed what I packed in my hospital bag that actually helped me so much in recovery.

*******This is the best tip a nurse taught me- layer in following order:

1. big granny panties

2. big maxi pad

3. tucks pads on maxi pad

4. spray the spray and dab the cream on your lady part

5. Most hospitals can make you an iced diaper to wear… this is incredible, wear that diaper. wear it with pride.


  1. Pack a lot of comfy sweats…some people like to pack a cute outfit to come home in or take pictures in. I did that tried it on and it didn’t fit me. How depressing… I ended up wearing bens shirt and sweats with ugg slippers home. Don’t do that to yourself, pack something that you know will be comfortable to wear home.

  2. Bring mini shampoo and conditioner and soap. I brought my face wash and makeup wipes. Hair ties, and something to keep my hair pushed back as well.

  3. Bring an extra pillow/blanket- Hospitals can be cold.

  4. STEAL ALL OF THE THINGS THEY LEAVE IN THE ROOM- my nurse literally told me to go into the bathroom and fill my bag with all the stuff they provide for you and you can even ask for me. trust me, your actually paying for it in the bed when you get your medical bill.

  5. Bring your camera, and phone chargers, I was even extra and brought my oil diffuser with me.