How I Organize my Calendar

I love to plan. For me having a plan for my day and my week is so important for my sanity. I am old school and like to write everything down with pen and paper. I also have my apple calendar but its not the same. I started using the post-it method because I hate the looking of pen marks or white out.

Its so easy- I color code everything! Each person in my family has a category and even my sweet nanny Evalynn has her own color too. ;) I categorize meetings, appointments, workouts, church events, personal like dinner’s or coffee catch up’s.

If something gets cancelled or moved to another date I can simply remove the post it or change it to another day. I like to organize even more by placing things in order by time for each day.

I have my personal calendar and a larger weekly calendar that sits on our kitchen bench with all of that weeks events.

Happy Planning!!

Attached links for my calendars: