Kids Medicine Cabinet

I know they say, “Its the most wonderful time of the year.” And I get it but its also the time of the year when your kids get sick. This year we were blessed with not one, but two children who coughed, didn’t sleep, and covered our clothes with their snot. We’ve had both humidifiers running full blast in their rooms, steam sessions in the bathroom, and nice little essential oil rollers.

Thank God we are on the tail end, but we had a little scary moment the other night. I was taking a bath and Ben was on duty to give Leo her bath and put her to bed. I came downstairs after, both kids were asleep and I noticed Luca’s toddler cough syrup on the kitchen counter. Then it hit me, Ben gave her the toddler cough syrup instead of the infant one. Yikes.

I calmly asked Ben if he accidentally gave Leo the wrong medicine. That was a lie, I freaked out and screamed. Called my mom, because that’s what you do. She told me to call poison control and we both talked with them. I say both because we both literally called poison control and while I was talking to someone they say to me, “ Do you know a Cherise Franklin?” she was on the other line with someone else telling them her baby had taken the wrong medicine. Hang up mom. The scary ingredient was the honey but the dosage wasn’t a lot and she’s a big girl for her age. Thankfully they didn’t seem to think it was a huge deal because the medicine was all natural and advised us to watch her the next 24 hours.

Ben survived the night and Leo is okay too.

Afterwards I decided to organize the kids medicines. Especially since Luca is using medicines that are 2+ years old now. I ordered two containers off amazon and labeled them clearly because mixing them up could actually happen to anyone. (Ben is still in trouble though.)

All of Leo’s medicines, essential oils, and creams in one container and all of Luca’s in the other. I encourage everyone to do this if you have little ones, and even more if you have several little ones at different ages.


Leo’s Medicine:

  1. Infant Tylonel

  2. Infant Motrin

  3. Zarbees

  4. Highlands Teething Tablets

  5. Nuby’s Teething Gel

  6. Fridababy SnotSucker & Nose Wipes

  7. Kinsa Thermometer

Luca’s Medicine:

  1. Elderberry Vitamins

  2. Olly Probiotic

  3. Rainbow Light Multi-Vitamin

  4. Immune Fortifier

  5. Garlic Ear Drops

  6. Maty’s Cough Syrup

  7. Maty’s Vapor Rub

  8. Steam Inhaler